The number of people engaging the Bible is declining rapidly. The biggest problem we have in most churches Biblical illiteracy. The Story is an abridged, chronological Bible that removes the typical barriers many people experience when trying to read the Bible. This book gives an appreciation of the whole Word of God. There’s so much more weight in who Jesus is when you’re able to look back and see God’s fingerprint from the beginning of the Bible through to the end, and The Story gives that perspective.

The Story is a comprehensive that continues for 31 consecutive weeks.  It can be completed by one study group, or by the entire congregation, with coordinated material for weekly sermons, adult studies, teen classes, and sunday school classes.

Just What IS The Story??

For forty days prior to beginning, we each prayed, individually, for different aspects of our journey through “The Story”. Here is a list of all the prayer information if you would like to review or re-use them.



Library of Additional Materials